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Introducing The Deluxe Rank

Apple_Soup Apple_Soup Icon · 05/31/2024

Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to finally release the deluxe rank on SandbloxMC. The deluxe rank is an optional monthly payment giving you a colorful name in chat, the ability to change your nation's map colour + upload a custom flag, and some additional commands like /nick and /hat. All dontations will go directly back into the server, to improve performance and keep the server online for many more days to come!

To purchase the deluxe rank, visit our online store.

Mountain in Minecraft

Update 1.1 Released

Apple_Soup Apple_Soup Icon · 05/25/2024

Hi folks! I'm excited to announce the release of SandbloxMC update 1.1, bringing changes to nation proximity, PVP logging and some additional new features!

For the full changelog, check out the #updates channel on our official Discord server.

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Your Journey Begins Here!

Apple_Soup Apple_Soup Icon · 05/02/2024

Hello there! Welcome to the SandbloxMC community, we're excited to have you on board. If you're new to the server, take a look at our guide before getting started. SandbloxMC is a Minecraft: Java Edition multiplayer server with a 1:3000 scale map of planet earth. Players are able to collect resources, open shops, build towns and form nations. The server operates under an item-based economy, where 1 gold ingot is equivalent to $1. If you're interested in joining the fun, log in to on your Minecraft: Java Edition client.