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Player Shops

If you're interested in selling/buying items to/from other players, you can create a chest shop. This feature allows storeowners to stock up on inventory and sell items even when offline.

Player shop

Making a purchase

Follow these steps to make a purchase from a player shop:

  1. Left click on a sign labelled 'Selling'.
  2. Verify the item you wish to puchase by clicking on '[Item Preview]' in chat.
  3. Enter the quantity (in bulks) you wish to purchase.
  4. Done! If the shop is in stock and you have the sufficient funds, you should recieve the items in your inventory.

Creating a shop

To create a player shop you must be standing in a town plot set to type 'Shop'. You can verify this information with /plot info and look at 'Plot Type'. Use /plot set shop to set the plot type to 'Shop' if this is not the case.

  1. Place a chest in the desired location.
  2. Left click the chest holding the item you wish to sell. You can click on the chest with more than one of the same item if you wish to sell multiple at a time.
  3. Type the price you would like to sell the item(s) for in chat.
  4. Done! Left click on the chest to bring up more options if you wish.