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Server Guide

1. General Conduct

1.1 No harassment/bullying

The use of derogatory terms or other forms of hate speech will not be tolerated. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are not allowed.

1.2 No encouraging violence or self harm

Death threats, predatory comments or the suggestion of harming one's self is not allowed.

1.3 No posting personal information about other players (doxxing)

This includes (but is not limited to) addresses, names, phone numbers and other sensitive information.

1.4 No obsessive spamming

Obsessive amounts of spam, caps lock and copypasta are prohibited in global chat or on the official Discord server.

1.5 No impersonating other players or staff

Pretending to be another player or staff member is not allowed. This applies to the official Discord server and ingame through the /nick command.

1.6 No unrelated advertising

Promoting other Minecraft servers, websites or Discord servers that are not connected to the SandbloxMC server in any way is not allowed in global chat or on the official Discord server. Advertising server related content (ex. Nation discord servers, SandbloxMC youtube videos, etc.) is allowed.

1.7 No selling content or services for real life money

Selling ingame items, towns, nations or services for real life money is not allowed.

1.8 No joining with alternative accounts

The use of more than one account per person is forbidden. Alt accounts will be banned by staff if this rule is broken.

1.9 No inappropriate nicknames

Nicknames created with the /nick command must follow rules 1.1 and 1.2. Offensive, overly sexual and generally inappropriate nicknames are not allowed.

2. Cheating & Exploits

2.1 No hacking/cheating

Modifying clients to gain an unfair advantage is forbidden (Ex. fly, speed, x-ray, etc).
Here is a list of clients and mods that are allowed on the server:
- Optifine, Sodium, or any other performance boosting client
- Litematica (Not schematica)
- Minimap mods (As long as they don't provide any features that dynmap doesn't)
- Replay mod
- Shaders
- Armor & Effect Status HUD mods

2.2 No abusing ingame glitches/exploits

The use of duplication glitches, game breaking exploits and other significant unpatched bugs may result in a permanent ban from the server.

2.3 No intentionally causing server lag

The creation of lag machines, redstone clocks, excessive entity stacking and other lag inducing methods may result in a permanent ban from the server.

2.4 No abusing the AFK kick timer

Players are automatically kicked after 15 minutes of AFK time. Finding ways to circumvent this timer is not allowed and will result in a kick from the server.

3. Towny Related Rules

3.1 No spawn killing/teleport traps

Luring players to a nation or town spawn with the intent to kill is not allowed.

3.2 No excessive griefing next to other player's towns

Major extraction of resources, terraforming and altering large amounts of terrain within 50 blocks from another town is not allowed.

3.3 No claim blocking/claim arms

Claiming a line of more than 5 adjacent chunks to prevent nearby towns from expansion is not allowed. These claims may be removed by staff if deemed unfair.

3.4 No creating fictional nation names

Nations must be named after real life regions, countries, provinces, states or other large geographical areas of the past or present (naming after continents is not allowed). All nations must generally correspond to their geographical location in real life. Town names can be fictional.

3.5 No inappropriate town names or towny prefixes

Town names and towny prefixes must follow rules 1.1 and 1.2. Offensive, overly sexual and generally inappropriate names and prefixes will be removed by staff.

3.6 No extreme terraforming

Altering the shape of land masses and territory is not allowed. Flattening land and creating small hills is allowed as long as it does not drastically change the appearance of the dynmap.

3.7 Map art requirements

In an effort to keep the dynmap clean, map art must be placed over the ice in the far north/south sections of the map. Excessively gory, pornographic or generally inappropriate map art is not allowed.

3.8 Town and nation names must be properly formatted

To remain consistent throughout the entire server, please capitalize your town and nation names on creation. If your town or nation has a space in it's name, use the underscore character (ex. New_York). SandbloxMC staff will manually change any incorrectly formatted town or nation names if you do not do it yourself.

3.9 No inappropriate nation flags

Players are prohibited from uploading nation flags that contain sexually explicit, gory, or otherwise inappropriate content. All uploaded flags must adhere to rules 1.1 and 1.2 and should be suitable for all ages. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in the removal of your Deluxe rank.

3.10 No trapping players inside claims

Players are forbidden from trapping other players inside of their claims. This rule does not apply if the trapped player is able to use Towny travel commands (such as /t spawn) to escape.

If you encounter anyone breaking these rules please create a support ticket on our official Discord server.